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City of Richmond Wins Twice in November: Best of NIEM and 2013 GCN Award!

If you haven't heard the news, a Best of NIEM 2013 Award winner has been bringing home some serious hardware this year! In addition to being named a 2013 Computerworld Honors Laureate and winning the 2013 Virginia Governor's Technology Award, on November 19, the City of Richmond IT Department, a 2013 Best of NIEM awardee, was recognized by GCN for having "technical creativity, a willingness to test emerging technology, and the perseverance to push for big cross-agency IT improvements."

NIEM Community Launches Version 3.0 at NIEM in November

On Wednesday, November 6, 256 in-person and virtual members of the NIEM community “did something different” and came together for NIEM in November. Hosted at the National Defense University, NIEM in November was a day-long gathering to share exciting news, updates, and accolades.

​NIEM Biometric Domain Shines at NIEM in November

On Wednesday, November 6t​h, NIEM Executive Director Donna Roy led an information-packed NIEM in November program. The agenda highlighted efforts by NIEM PMO support staff, NIEM domains and NIEM participants leading up to the release of NIEM 3.0. Commenting on the contributions of the Biometric Domain, Ms. Roy added a "special call-out to the NIEM Biometric Domain" for the "huge amount of work from the team".

NIEM Biometric Domain Sees Firsts at 2013 BCC

This past month, the annual Biometrics Consortium Conference (BCC) was held in Tampa Florida (September 17–19th). Speakers from all over the world converged to discuss the rapidly evolving field of biometrics and identity management. The NIEM Biometrics Domain (NBD) was on hand to offer training and share the new NIEM data model relating to the upcoming ANSI NIST modality expansion.

NIEM Virtual Town Hall Features PMIX and NIEM in November Excitement!

Last Tuesday, the NIEM community came together for the second NIEM Virtual Town Hall of 2013! In total, 118 community members—from federal, state, local, international, and the private sector—tuned in to hear how Prescription Drug Monitoring Information Exchange (PMIX) is supporting the fight against drug abuse and diversion at the state level.

Best of NIEM: Who’s Your Top Pick?

As part of NIEM in November on November 6, 2013, the Best of NIEM awards recognize NIEM implementation projects that show how intergovernmental collaboration and innovative technology:

Preview Upcoming Geospatial Capabilities - Geo4NIEM Webinar

Attention, NIEM exchange developers. Coming soon: recommendations for embedding geography markup language (GML) within existing NIEM architecture! This enhanced geospatial capability within NIEM will enable the NIEM community to more effectively document and exchange critical geospatial information.

Geo4NIEM Enhances Geospatial Collaboration

The NIEM Program Management Office (PMO), in collaboration with the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC), Department of Homeland Security, and the Program Manager for the Information Sharing Environment (PM-ISE), have partnered to enhance NIEM’s geospatial exchange capability through the Geo4NIEM initiative.

IJIS Institute Recommends NIEM-UML for Information Exchange Projects

In July, the IJIS Institute Technical Advisory Committee (I-TAC) released a white paper recommending that organizations use the Unified Modeling Language (UML) profile for NIEM (NIEM-UML) for current and future information exchange projects. NIEM-UML is based on the Object Management Group’s (OMG) Model Driven Architecture (MDA) standards.

NASCIO highlights NIEM as model for effective governance

The National Association of State Chief Information Officers (NASCIO) recently highlighted NIEM as an example of effective governance that enables cross-jurisdictional collaboration. NASCIO has been a leader in discovering best practices for developing and sustaining state and county collaboration. This paper explains both why governance is a key ingredient and how efforts like NIEM are making it happen. Be sure to check out their paper and learn more about NIEM and other models for effective governance!

NIEM Biometric Domain Marks 1st Full Year of Operations

During the June 24th NIEM 3.0 Beta Tech Talk, NIEM PMO Acting Managing Director, Justin Stekervetz, called attention to the formation of the NIEM Biometrics Domain (NBD) as a noteworthy development that has taken place during the NIEM 3.0 process. The NBD would like to thank Justin for the acknowledgement and call to attention that July 2013 marks the one year anniversary of the formal establishment of the NIEM Biometric Domain. With your help, we have accomplished a tremendous amount in this inaugural year of operation.

NIEM 3.0 Beta is Out for Your Review

The NIEM 3.0 Beta Tech Talk kicked off the Beta release. In case you missed it, a summary of the event can be found below.

Over 170 participants dialed into the NIEM 3.0 Beta Tech Talk on June 25. Thank you to those who joined the call! If you missed it, don’t worry.

NIEM 3.0 Beta Tech Talk – Join us on June 25!

Beta is coming soon! Are you ready to provide feedback?

Since August 2012, the NIEM community has been working on NIEM Version 3.0—the next major release of the NIEM model.

NIEM 3.0 is on schedule for completion in October 2013. Once completed, NIEM 3.0 will be the foundation for development of your future exchanges.

Thank You NIEM 3.0 Alpha 2 reviewers

We recently completed the public review of the NIEM 3.0 Alpha 2 release—the first time ever the community has had the chance to provide input on an Alpha release. Thank you to those who provided feedback!

The active participation and involvement of community members is important as we continue to mature. We are hard at work reviewing and incorporating all Alpha 2 comments received in preparation for the next phase, Beta.

Got NIEM training on your mind?

In preparation for the release of NIEM version 3.0, we are taking steps to update the NIEM training curriculum and we want to incorporate your feedback!

The primary goal of the curriculum update is to ensure that NIEM technical courses align with the 3.0 architecture, but we also want include community-identified business requirements.

NTAC Membership Nominations—Deadline Extended

The NTAC co-chairs are looking for a few NIEM-savvy techies to join the NTAC! The membership nomination period is open, and the deadline has been extended to Friday, May 24. This gives interested parties two additional weeks to submit nominations! The NTAC defines and governs technical and structural architecture associated with NIEM development and implementation. The committee is also responsible for developing, implementing, and maintaining the technical specifications for the NIEM community.

NBAC and NTAC come together

NIEM has two national committees, the NIEM Business Architecture Committee (NBAC) and the NIEM Technical Architecture Committee (NTAC). These committees came together for a collaborative meeting in Arlington, Virginia, from April 24-26. Over 50 representatives from federal, state, local, and international entities participated in NTAC and NBAC committee-specific break-out sessions as well as collective discussions.