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Learning and Development

Learning and Development Subcommittee

The Learning and Development (L&D) subcommittee enhances the interoperability and standardization of information exchange between the gamut of learning and development systems including formal and informal training and education; on-the-job learning and performance support tools; career field management and planning tools; and many other human capital management systems used across industry, academia, and government. 

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The L&D subcommittee promotes enterprise-level collection, sharing, dissemination, and analysis of data that support the planning and controlling of human capital accession, including education and training.

The L&D subcommittee will build on a common set of goals and objectives across the Department of Defense (DoD) and the whole of Government’s education and training communities to ensure data are used effectively, resulting in a federated data catalog that makes learner data available to the systems that need it.


The IT subcommittee is stewarded by the Office of the Undersecretary for Defense’s Advanced Distributed Learning Initiative. Co-chair opportunities are highly encouraged. Government agencies that are interested in education and training, particularly in data interoperability, participate in this subcommittee. The L&D subcommittee has an inclusive governance structure that can include federal, state, local, industry, and international partnerships.

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Word Cloud Learning and Development

This word cloud shows the most commonly used Learning and subcommittee language from the ADL Initiative’s keystone document, “Modernizing Learning”. 

It is anticipated that many new terms will be added to the NIEM subcommittee based on L&D subcommittee actions.

Download the current release of the NIEM model to learn more.

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