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Annual Reports

Review NIEM Annual Reports Over The Years

Every year, the NIEM Management Office (NMO) works collaboratively with the NIEM Business Architecture Committee (NBAC) and the NIEM Technical Architecture Committee (NTAC) to generate a report highlighting NIEM accomplishments and initiatives for the future development.

Document Title Highlights Year
2021 NIEM Annual Report
  • NIEM 5.1 Minor Release
  • Registry/ Repository (R&R) Updates
  • Tool Development Effort
2020 NIEM Annual Report
  • NIEM 5.0 Major Release
  • NIEM Tool Development Progress
  • NIEM Standard Designation
2019 NIEM Annual Report
  • NIEM 4.2 Minor Release
  • New Tiger Teams
  • Tool Strategy
2018 NIEM Annual Report
  • NIEM 4.1 Minor Release
  • Updated Specifications
  • Success Stories
2017 NIEM Annual Report
  • NIEM 4.0 Major Release
  • Domain Highlights
  • NBAC Strategic Roadmap
2016 NIEM Annual Report
  • NIEM 3.2 Minor Release
  • Domain Lifecycle Tiger Team
  • NBAC Annual Recommendations