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NIEM 3.1 Beta1 Is Available for Review

The NIEM model was designed to accommodate updates on a regular basis in order to adapt and evolve with user needs. The NIEM release cycle allows us to make these model updates on a predictable and sustainable schedule.

NIEM version 3.1 is an upcoming minor release that incorporates additional user needs identified since NIEM 3.0 was released in November 2013.

NIEM 3.1 Beta1 is available for public review and comment from March 23–April 6.

What's in NIEM 3.1?

The NIEM 3.1 package will incorporate:

  • Updated model content for six domains
  • The addition of the Human Services domain—they are adding content in the model for the first time!

Two core supplements

  • To correct a code list associated with NIEM 3.0
  • To increase the precision of MGRSCoordinateType (Military Grid Reference System)

Domain Changes:

Existing domains updating their model content:

  • Justice
  • Military Operations (MilOps)
  • Biometrics
  • Maritime
  • Children, Youth, and Family Services (CYFS)
  • International Trade

New domains adding content in the model for the first time:

  • Welcome, Human Services!​

Core Supplement 3.0.1 (published December 2014):

A relatively simple core supplement for NIEM 3.0 that fixes an inadvertent omission in the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) list of code values for U.S. states. This core supplement package contains two schemas:

  • A small niem-core.xsd addendum
  • A corrected usps_states.xsd schema document that incorporates all U.S. state codes, including Alabama (AL) (previously omitted)

This is the first time NIEM has exercised the new version 3.0 architecture, which allows (1) changes to code lists and (2) supplements to a core without the need to wait for a major release.

Download the core supplement 3.0.1 package at Get instructions for using it on GitHub

Core Supplement 3.0.2 (new): 

A simple core supplement for NIEM 3.0 that adds precision to nc:MGRSCoordinateType. This core supplement contains one schema—a small niem-core.xsd addendum. Its schema is in the 3.1beta1 package. You will not be able to download a separate package for this core supplement until the final 3.1 release. This core supplement will be released with 3.1.

Review NIEM 3.1 Beta1: 

NIEM 3.1 Beta1 is available in both XSD and​ Microsoft Excel formats.  Download the NIEM 3.1 Beta1 package to get both.

Submit your comments by April 6. All domain specific feedback will be reviewed by the associated domain(s). Feedback received outside the scope of NIEM 3.1 will be reviewed by NBAC for future releases, as appropriate.

When Will NIEM 3.1 Be Final?

We expect the final operational release of NIEM version 3.1 in the May/June 2015 time frame.