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Message Exchange Package (MEP) Registry & Repository

Want to submit a Message Exchange Package (MEP) to the NIEM Registry and Repository?

You can submit your Message Exchange Package, formerly referred to as IEPD, using our Contact Form. Simply include the title, description, and a link to the archive for our team to review.  

Title Description Communities Organization NIEM Version
NENA Route Policy

This section summarizes the syntax and semantic of the policy language used for making call routing decisions. Policy is represented in anRFC 4745 [146]-compliant common policy schema.A policy document is...

Emergency Management NENA 3.0 View Resource
NENA Logging Services

The Logging Service in NG9-1-1 is a standardized functional element used by all elements in an ESInet to log all significant events; logging is notrestricted to events within a PSAP...

Emergency Management NENA 3.0 View Resource
Emergency Incident Data Document (EIDD)

The EIDD provides a standardized industry-neutral NIEM conformant (XML-based) specifications for exchanging emergency incident information to agencies and regions that implement NG9-1-1 and Internet Protocol (IP)-based emergency communications systems. Emergency...

Justice Association of Public Safety Communications Officials; National Emergency Number Association 2.0 View Resource