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Tool Review Process

The NIEM Tools Catalog provides, for the convenience of the NIEM community, a location to identify tools available to support capabilities defined in criteria. View the NIEM Tools Catalog criteria​.   

Each tool submission will go through a review process. 

The following diagram illustrates the review process for inclusion of a submitted tool in the NIEM Tools Catalog.​​ This process is not static and may be refined, as necessary.

This graphic shows the review process for inclusion of a submitted tool in the NIEM Tools Catalog. The graphic shows that the first step is for the Tool Provider to self-assess against criteria. If the tool does not meet the criteria, the tool cannot be submitted. If the tool does meet the criteria, the next step is for the Tool Provider to submit the tool on The graphic then shows the steps that take place within the NIEM MO. The NIEM MO reviews the submission to determine if the tool meets the criteria. If the tool meets the criteria and no clarification is needed, the Tool Submitter is notified and the tool is made available in the Tools Catalog. If it does not meet criteria, the Tool Submitter is notified of that. If clarification is needed, the Tools Submitter is notified, and the MO conducts the review step again.