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Tools Catalog Assessment Criteria

Tool providers shall self-assess their tool against the criteria defined below prior to submission.

  • The tool shall support at least one of the following NIEM-specific capabilities:
    • NIEM Information Exchange (also known as IEPD*) Development
    • NIEM Model Management
    • NIEM Model Search and Discovery
    • NIEM Information Exchange Storage, Search, and Discovery
  • The tool shall produce NIEM-conformant artifacts that align with NIEM normative specifications, which can be found at
  • The tool shall have the NIEM mode — supporting at least one NIEM release — either built into the tool or shall provide the option for the NIEM model to be imported into it. Please note: This is only applicable for a tool that is meant for NIEM Model Management, NIEM Model Search and Discovery, and NIEM Exchange (IEPD*) Development.
  • The tool shall have at least one production release that is available for download. Beta tools will not be considered for the Tools Catalog, however, please contact the NIEM Program Management Office ( and we may be available to assist your Beta review.
  • NIEM users should be able to acquire the tool without support from the NIEM Program Management Office or NIEM Helpdesk.
  • The vendor shall provide a brief description of the tool, which NIEM capabilities apply, and where the tool is used by the broader NIEM community.
  • Tool providers acknowledge that the NIEM Helpdesk will not provide support for the tool; as such, the tool provider shall include in their submission contact information for tool-related questions, e.g., a helpdesk phone number and/or email address.
  • The vendor shall ensure that their tool information on stays up-to-date by notifying the NIEM Program Management Office ( if there are any changes.
  • The tool vendor agrees to allow NIEM users to rate and comment on the tool if such functionality is available on
  • The tool provider acknowledges that the NIEM Tools Catalog is designed for informational purposes and the convenience of users. Any reference in the Tools Catalog to commercial products, processes, or services, or the use of any trade, firm, or corporation name does not constitute endorsement, certification, recommendation, or preferential treatment by NIEM—and may not be implied in promotional material and/or advertising. The tool provider will not use "NIEM", the "National Information Exchange Model", or the name of its partners without prior written consent of NIEM or the relevant partner(s).
  • The tool provider acknowledges that the NIEM program may modify this criterion to keep up with the evolving needs of the NIEM community. If there is a change to the criteria, tool providers will be notified. Based on updates to the criteria, all tools within the NIEM Tools Catalog may be reassessed.
  • The tool provider acknowledges that the NIEM Program Management Office reserves the right to remove tools from the NIEM Tools Catalog if the NIEM community provides feedback that the tool does not meet the criteria, does not perform its stated functionality, or there are other identified issues with the tool, e.g., a virus.

*Information Exchange Package Documentation (IEPD)