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New Jersey Data Exchange (NJ-DEx)

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Two New Jersey projects are actively using and/or developing NIEM and Global Justice XML Data Model (GJXDM) standards for the sharing and processing of data: The New Jersey Data Exchange (NJ-DEx), a key initiative for sharing information both horizontally and vertically in the New Jersey law...

National Capital Region Data Exchange Hub Program

Emergency Management
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In an effort to establish the technology architecture needed across the jurisdictions, the National Capital Region (NCR) created a Data Exchange Hub (DEH) to act as a switching station for providing secure access to communications systems and applications. As a part of this effort, four...

Massachusetts Executive Office of Public Safety and Security (EPOSS)


Massachusetts Executive Office of Public Safety and Security (EPOSS) successfully used NIEM as part of the MassGangs project to support the exchange of information obtained by local, regional, and state criminal justice agencies regarding members of criminal gangs and illegal organizations in...

Jail Bookings


The Hennepin County Jail sends booking information to other criminal justice partner agencies in Hennepin County.

Dallas County Secure Data Exchange (DC-DEx)


The Dallas County Secure Data Exchange (DC-DEx) is a program to improve court processing procedures county-wide by facilitating the electronic exchange of critical incident/offense, arrest, and booking data between law enforcement agencies in Dallas County. DC-DEx will serve as the foundation...