Open Justice Broker Consortium – Subscription/Notification

Probationers and parolees may have contact with law enforcement—such as an arrest—however, their probation or parole officers might not learn about this contact until days or even weeks later. Through an automated information exchange between the state’s booking system and probation and parole case management systems, the Hawaii Integrated Justice Information Sharing (HIJIS) program has enabled near real-time notification to probation and parole officers when one of their supervisees is arrested anywhere in the state—critical for effective offender management. Leveraging the approximate six-month development done by Hawaii, the state of Vermont has been able to extend the capability to meet Vermont requirements in less than a month. Both states are part of the Open Justice Broker Consortium, which seeks to share ideas and technologies that support the exchange of critical information within the justice and public safety communities.

Organization Name: 
Open Justice Broker Consortium (OJBC) on behalf of the states of Hawaii, Maine, and Vermont
NIEM year: 
2013 Best of NIEM winner