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Employment and Social Development Canada Develops Successful Data Standardization and Interoperability Initiatives

Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) is responsible for developing, managing, and delivering social programs and services for the Government of Canada. The complex interrelationship of ESDC’s business relies on data interoperability to ensure service excellence and a seamless exchange of information. Reusability of services is vital in meeting the ESDC’s future needs.

ESDC’s Innovation, Information and Technology Branch resides within the Interoperability Solution Division (ISD). ISD plays an important role in supporting ESDC’s enterprise solution delivery and modernization with its commitment to data standardization and on‐going enhancement of information exchange capabilities. The Branch provides information and technology services, including business applications that support and streamline work processes, access data, and process millions of benefitrelated transactions to address Canadians' needs.

“The use of NIEM has demonstrated that a standardized common data vocabulary supports ESDC as a leader toward achieving Canada’s goal for digital government.”

ESCD showcases two ISD projects using NIEM – both are successfully operating within the ESCD and partner departments.

ESDC’s Accounts Receivable System Project

NIEM was used to standardize the common data vocabulary with a single, client‐centric, master data view of accounts receivable. The result is streamlined, high‐volume transactions generated by multiple systems and programs. It is expected to improve user experience and increase the accuracy of financial reporting. The project is expected to improve recovery of overpayment through the quick, accurate flow of information between systems.

Hosted Contact Centre Solution Project

ISD states that “NIEM enabled delivery of required data to IBM IVR system for multiple programs - achieving seamless data interoperability.” The system now provides timely, accurate information, allowing citizens to selfserve over the telephone to access benefit information associated with Canada’s Pension Plan and Old Age Security benefits.

Employment and Social Development Canada
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