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European Pool against Organized Crime (EPOC) IV PROJECT

The European Pool against Organized Crime (EPOC) aims to develop tools to support the fight against serious and organized crime. The EPOC IV Experimentation Project started on April 1, 2009, for a three-year period with Eurojust and 10 European Member State Project Partners. The project’s key goal is to “further evolution of the EPOC software to allow the exchange of information with national case management systems (CMSes) and the promotion of its usage in the member states.” One of the five objectives for the EPOC IV project was “drafting of a data standard to exchange data between different case management systems.” From this data standard, the group decided to develop a communication for the specific scenario of a member state transmitting data to Eurojust. This scenario will likely be used in the future as member states look to fulfill their obligations under the Eurojust Decision (Council Decision 2009/426/JHA). The IEPD for this communication has been validated and is 100% conformant to the ConTesA report.