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Thomas Krul

NBAC Co-Chair

Mr. Krul brings over 20 years' experience in technology and asset management and development.  Known best amongst his peers for his energetic and client-focused IT/IM professionalism.  He is attributed with a balanced acumen comprised of managerial, technical and creative skills.  He holds three patent awards relating to computer science. His present position as Manager, Interoperability and Portfolio Management, Chief Information Officer Directorate, Public Safety Canada bridges key responsibilities across initiatives, including management and promotion of the National Information Exchange Model (NIEM), directorate reporting, Continuity Management, and management of oversight of directorate activities.

His long standing relationship amongst industry partners to include Microsoft, Avid Technology, Logitech, Creative Labs, and Bell Canada have proven advantageous in outreach and design efforts to date.  He has cultivated both depth in expertise and reputation via his rich network of professionals both home (Canada) and abroad.  His lifelong commitment to excellence in technology is demonstrated through both his current and planned endeavors in data asset management, interoperability, information sharing, and brand marketing.