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Kamran Atri

NBAC Co-Chair

Kamran Atri is the co-founder of A4SAFE, Inc., which provides program management and information technology expertise to public sector clients in the Homeland Security and Defense sectors. Mr. Atri combines high-level strategic visioning and technical prowess with on-the-ground agile project management and team leadership.

Mr. Atri has held a host of professional roles, including serving as Chief Technology Officer to two successful corporations serving the public sector for a combined period of 15 years.  During his tenure, he was (and remains) an active member of the DHS Enterprise Data Management Office (DHS EDMO) and the DHS Enterprise Architecture Center for Excellence (EACOE).  His prior service for DHS extends to 2 years as Deputy Chief Architecture for DHS NPPD and foundational roles in both the NIEM Biometrics and NIEM Emergency Management Domains.  He has served as the NIEM Business Architecture Committee Co-Chair since 2015.  He has also served as the Chair of NIEM International Tiger team since 2016.

As co-founder of A4SAFE, Mr. Atri and his management team lead a team of systems engineers, enterprise and data architects, analysts and program managers.  His former role of CTO lends him expert status in all aspects of enterprise data management, including governance, modeling, assurance, Big Data analytics and exchange methodologies across the full data lifecycle.  He also has an in-depth understanding of Federal Enterprise Architecture, reference models, such as PRM, SRM, DRM, and TRM.

Mr. Atri has been awarded the "Smart CIO/CXO 2012 CTO" Award, the 2009 Best of NIEM National Aware and the DoT OCIO "Enterprise Architecture Compass" Award, as well as the NPPD OCIO "DHS Coin" Award for his services and support.