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NIEMOpen Reaches Out

As the newly formed NIEMOpen management office has begun operations under OASIS Open, there is a need to inform new and existing community members about the changes and opportunities that this transformation brings.  Under OASIS, there is a potential for engaging new communities and data management professionals in the use of NIEMOpen, but only if potential users know what is happening with the NIEMOpen model and processes.  Also, significant efforts are underway to convert the NIEMOpen artifacts to ANSI and potentially ISO standards which could accelerate NIEMOpen adoption beyond its current subscribers.  As standards are created, existing and potential subcommittee members need to know about these accomplishments. 

To create a way for developing a two-way communication channel between NIEMOpen existing and potential community members, the NIEMOpen Management Office (NMO) Technical Steering Committee (TSC) has announced the formation of a subcommittee dedicated to communications and outreach.  The new group will focus on establishing communications channels between NIEMOpen community members where information can flow to all existing and potential users of the NIEMOpen standards, and where users can contribute to future definitions of functionality for the NIEMOpen project.   This subcommittee will also provide briefings and explanations to communities that want to explore using NIEMOpen for information sharing, leading to the development of new domains in the model.

The new subcommittee reports to the NIEMOpen Management Office (NMO) Technical Steering Committee (TSC) chair, Ms. Katherine Escobar, who said that “Having resources devoted to communications and outreach will help NIEMOpen stay aware of community needs for standards-based information sharing and will keep NIEMOpen fresh and current.”  The subcommittee operates under the OASIS guidelines and processes and honors the transparency and other objectives of OASIS to provide clear communications between users and management of NIEMOpen.  Members of the subcommittee serve voluntarily, without compensation.  The subcommittee is based on the previous work of the highly successful NIEM State, Local, Tribal and Territorial tiger team that was formerly created to increase NIEM adoption. 

The NIEMOpen subcommittee for communications and outreach is co-chaired by Mr. Paul Wormeli, CEO of Wormeli Consulting, and Mr. Mike Phillips, Vice President of SLG Innovations.  Mr. Wormeli and Mr. Phillips previously co-chaired the aforementioned NIEM Tiger Team, and both co-chairs have extensive backgrounds with NIEM implementations.  If this committee sounds like something you want to be a part of and contribute to, please subscribe to the NIEMOpen NMO-TSC by emailing The subcommittee will begin its monthly meeting in March 2023, so please sign up by February 28, 2023.