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NIEM version 3.1 is Now Available

​The final operational release of NIEM version 3.1 has been published and is now available. NIEM 3.1 is a minor release that incorporates user needs since NIEM 3.0 was launched in November 2013.

NIEM 3.1 is available here.

The NIEM model was designed to accommodate updates on a regular basis in order to adapt and evolve with user needs. The NIEM release cycle allows us to make these model updates on a predictable and sustainable schedule.

NIEM 3.1 highlights:

One new domain has added content to the model for the first time:

Six existing domains have updated their model content:

  • Biometrics
  • Children, Youth, and Family Services (CYFS)
  • International Trade
  • Justice
  • Maritime​
  • Military Operations (MilOps)

Two core supplements that apply to NIEM Core 3.0 are included:

  • Supplement 3.0.1 – Incorporates all U.S. State codes into U.S. Postal Service (USPS) code list—including Alabama (AL); previously omitted
  • Supplement 3.0.2 – Incorporates the following updates:
  • Adds correct constraint for Longitude MGRSCoordinateType (Military Grid Reference System); increases precision
  • Adds PersonUnionStatus (for Person associations).
  • Adds new values added by authoritative sources to the following code lists:
  • dot_hazmat
  • dod_jcs-pub2.0
  • dea_ctlsub
  • census_uscounty

NIEM 3.1 marks the first time we have exercised the new version 3.0 architecture that allows:  (1) easy adjustments to code lists, and (2) supplements to core without the need to wait for a major release cycle!

Download and learn more about the core supplements at​