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NIEM Unveils new Message Exchange Package Builder

The NIEM Management Office unveiled a new Message Exchange Package (MEP) Builder tool on Thursday, March 17th at the NIEM Technical Deep-Dive training session. The MEP Builder is an open-source tool that was built with the NIEM IEPD lifecycle in mind.  “We want to simplify the process to build NIEM message specifications, formerly referred to as IEPDs, and have a tool that guides the user through the stages of the lifecycle”, said Katherine Escobar, NIEM Management Office Executive Director.  The MEP Builder is an agile containerized tool that will provide additional functionality with each scheduled release.  The current release, MEP Builder v1.0.1, includes some functionality for Scenario Planning, Analyze Requirements, Map and Model, and Build and Validate phases with support for NIEM versions 3.0 to 5.0.

The NIEM MEP Builder is open-source and is available for download now on  Under the Files tab, users will find a readme file as well as 3 different installers, for maximum flexibility, as well as a user guide and an admin manual.  The 3 installation options are as follows: 

  •   Offline Installer (Recommended) – Recommended for most users and/or for air gapped / non-internet connected devices 
  •   Online Installer - For computers with access to GitHub and an internet connection
  •   Build Installer - For developers who want to rebuild the application

The readme file also covers this installation.  Instructions for all installations can be found in the user guide.  The user guide also has instructions on how to use the tool. The admin manual covers server deployment procedures as well as managing user privileges for organizations. Users can also view a recorded demonstration of the tool.
Download the MEP tool and leave a comment.  Let us know what you think.

About NIEM
NIEM provides a model framework with rules and guidance designed to develop consistent, well-defined, enterprise level information exchanges. NIEM successfully supports communities of interest with a shared need to exchange data within federal, state, local, tribal, and territorial agencies, internationally, and in the private sector.
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