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NIEM to Transition to an OASIS Open Project

This October, NIEM will transition from the U.S. Department of Defense to OASIS, an ANSI-accredited and ISO-recognized standards development organization.  This move creates a path for NIEM to become an official standard in national and international policy and procurement. The inaugural NIEM Open Project Governing Board (PGB) meeting will occur on 20 October in Arlington, Virginia.

“Transitioning to an OASIS Open Project allows NIEM to become more readily available to international communities and organizations that want to adopt NIEM,” said Stuart Whitehead of the U.S. Department of Defense. “We look forward to working with new alliances in the private sector to assist in the integration of NIEM into even broader user communities, allowing NIEM to become the gold standard for public-private partnerships. This is an exciting time to continue to advance the NIEM model technically as it transforms into an open, international standard.”

NIEM Open’s Sponsors will provide strategic vision, governance, and technical guidance for future efforts and have the option to serve on the Project Governing Board, where they approve work produced by the community as well as proposals for new open-source projects. To learn more about becoming a Sponsor and joining the Project’s Governing Board, please contact

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