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NIEM Program Office Announces Business Architecture Committee Leadership Changes

The National Information Exchange Model (NIEM) Program Management Office is pleased to announce leadership changes for the NIEM Business Architecture Committee (NBAC), which maintains NIEM’s business architecture and requirements. Having completed his two-year term at the end of Fiscal Year 2016, Pat Brooks has stepped down as NBAC co-chair. Effective with the start of Fiscal Year 2017, Kamran Atri is the committee’s new co-chair, serving alongside Ryan Schultz.

As NBAC co-chair for the past six years, Pat provided valuable leadership and support to the committee’s nearly 50 federal, state, territorial, tribal, local, and international members. Pat helped update the committee charter and enhance domain performance measures and metrics. He was integral to developing NIEM’s Release Cycle Optimization process to standardize NIEM’s major and minor release cycle and to strengthening NIEM’s strategy to increase NIEM adoption at the local and state levels. Pat also developed recommendations to support international adoption of NIEM and saw NIEM through multiple releases. While the Program Management Office and NBAC will miss Pat’s leadership, NIEM is fortunate he will continue to serve as an NBAC committee member.

NIEM is also fortunate to welcome another longtime NIEM expert and advocate as NBAC’s new co-chair. Kamran Atri, who serves as Chief Technology Officer of Constellation Software Engineering Corp, is a NIEM enterprise architecture and data management subject matter expert. In his more than 11 years as an active NIEM advocate, Kamran has established a track record of championing and enhancing NIEM. He serves as facilitator and assists the steward organizations that oversee NIEM’s Biometrics and Emergency Management domains. He played an integral role in creating both the Emergency Management and Biometrics domain data models, as well as the business practices and operational processes that empower both domains. He helped leverage the GitHub site for public review of development work and has been a tireless supporter of NIEM outreach efforts. Kamran also provides briefings, technical assistance, and other critical support to domain members and federal, state, local, and international stakeholders. Kamran will continue to co-chair NIEM’s International Tiger Team, in addition to his NBAC role.

The NIEM program thanks Pat for his service as NBAC co-chair and welcomes Kamran to his new role.