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NIEM Celebrates Eight Years

Can you believe it? Today, April 19, the NIEM program celebrates another birthday! Eight years ago, who would have thought we’d still be talking about our growing community.

Our growth is evident, and it does have people talking! The NIEM LinkedIn group has steadily grown since its launch in April 2009. We’re up to 2,729 members and going strong, with a steady stream of comments and ongoing discussions, mostly from community members across multiple perspectives. I enjoy reading on a daily basis the conversations on what’s important to the NIEM community.

On this day last year, I testified to Congress, the first time NIEM was asked to do so, on the great work of the community. This year, we reach another important milestone. For the first time, we are putting out an alpha release of a new model for broad public engagement. We’re excited to hear what you think about the new model and what you want from NIEM 3.0 as well as future releases.

I’m also excited about our joint initiative with the Object Management Group (OMG) on the new NIEM-UML (Unified Modeling Language) profile. I have high hopes that this will bring new tools to the marketplace that enable and continue the discussions on how we can increase reuse in order to lower development costs, and most importantly, how we can best support the NIEM community as it grows into new mission areas.

The NIEM community is stronger than it ever has been. NIEM is no longer a good idea with promise. NIEM is now delivering on the promise beyond what Van Hitch and Steven Cooper hoped for when signing the memorandum to initiate the program in spring 2005.

Many of our stakeholders, and in particular, our public sector stakeholders across all levels of government, are facing constant budget pressures. NIEM holds great promise to support thoughtful responses through shared approaches and efficiencies realized via standards-based procurement and innovation.

When I think about NIEM, I think about a community of people who, day in and day out, make it happen. To the past and present NIEM committee chairs and members, domain stewards, community leaders, partner groups, and individuals who have made it all possible—thank you!

For those who have only recently been introduced to NIEM—our newbies—welcome! You have joined a great community that spans all levels of government working on some of the most important issues in society today.

Our success is the result of many individuals going beyond our expectations in the support of the greater good. Thank you in advance for continued support, active community participation, and for rolling up your sleeves and helping every time we ask.

Here’s to eight more great years!