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NIEM Biometrics Domain Leads Successful Accredited NIEM Training Session at 2015 Global Identity Summit (GIS)

For the third consecutive year, at the Global Identity Summit, the Biometric Domain conducted a comprehensive NIEM training session for both government and commercial organizations involved in the identity management sector.

On Monday, Sept. 21, under the stewardship of the DHS Office of Biometric Identity Management (OBIM), the NBD provided training to more than 30 participants.

Diane Stephens with DHS OBIM and serves as NBD Chair, commented on the robust attendance and event focus. “This year saw a significant increase in attendance to our NBD training, which I believe speaks highly of the increased focus on the utilization of NIEM within the field of biometrics and identity management in many of our community of interest organizations.”

The NBD training sessions included an overview of NIEM (framework, mission and goals), NIEM Biometrics Domain activity highlights, schema development, domain-to-domain alignment and harmonization, and NIEM 3.1-3.2 preparation, as well as information related to available technical assistance, including working group and tiger team formation and utilization.

Session attendees were eligible for three CompTIA continuing education units for A+, Network+, and Security+ or CASP or three Global Information Assurance Certification CPEs.

In addition to comments from the NBD Chair, participants also received overviews from NBD Co-Chair, Will Graves and NBD Program Manager, Kamran Atri.

Graves of DoD noted that, “Many federal organizations have seen an uptick in NIEM integration on a project and program level. This is particularly true of DoD where we have included NIEM conformance in our top interoperability strategies.”

Kamran Atri, Chief Technology Officer of Constellation Software Engineering Corp. pointed out that while the Global Identity Summit is a terrific event, “the NBD offers NIEM training throughout the year – both onsite at DHS OBIM and on a per request basis for any organization that has an interest in how NIEM can facilitate biometrics exchange.”

For more information on the NIEM Biometrics domain, please visit the NBD community page at:

For information related to membership or training, please contact the Biometrics Domain facilitator team at