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NIEM Biometric Domain Sees Firsts at 2013 BCC

This past month, the annual Biometrics Consortium Conference (BCC) was held in Tampa Florida (September 17–19th). Speakers from all over the world converged to discuss the rapidly evolving field of biometrics and identity management. The NIEM Biometrics Domain (NBD) was on hand to offer training and share the new NIEM data model relating to the upcoming ANSI NIST modality expansion.

The NIEM Biometric Domain, in cooperation with domain steward Office of Biometric Identity Management (OBIM), conducted two training sessions related to NIEM and its impact on the Biometrics community during the conference.

Also during the conference, Mr. Atri, shared the stage with NBD Ombudsman, Brad Wing of NIST, to discuss new developments with the ANSI NIST Biometrics Standard related to Voice and Dental attributes, as well as alignment with the NIEM Biometric Domain.

Both the Dental and Voice modalities are included in the 2013 ANSI NIST Biometrics Standard update. The "Forensic and Investigatory" Voice Record (Record Type 11) is a new type of record for handling voice data. It is standardizing 183 voice type attributes. The Forensic Dental and Oral Record (Record Type-12) is a new type of record for standardizing dental data that is standardizing 82 different attributes. The NBD is working closely with NIST to align both of these modalities to the new NBD Biometrics Schema.

The Biometric Domain's mission is to support biometric-related services and mission-based activities, such as homeland security, national defense, border management, immigration benefits and global law enforcement through the joint development and alignment of XML Biometric Standards.