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NIEM Biometric Domain Marks 1st Full Year of Operations

During the June 24th NIEM 3.0 Beta Tech Talk, NIEM PMO Acting Managing Director, Justin Stekervetz, called attention to the formation of the NIEM Biometrics Domain (NBD) as a noteworthy development that has taken place during the NIEM 3.0 process. The NBD would like to thank Justin for the acknowledgement and call to attention that July 2013 marks the one year anniversary of the formal establishment of the NIEM Biometric Domain. With your help, we have accomplished a tremendous amount in this inaugural year of operation. From mapping and creating a formal operating structure to developing and integrating the first biometric schema within NIEM 3.0, our endeavors have been planned and successfully attained due to the phenomenal engagement we have received from our Community of Interest, NBD members and collaborative stakeholders.

To all of those who have committed your time and energy to NBD working group activities, we want to thank you and mention that your contribution has not gone unnoticed. In the past year, Biometric Domain activities have been highlighted in DHS, NPPD and NIEM PMO publications. Without your continuing support and efforts, none of this would be possible. Going forward, the NBD will continue to proactively engage our community of interest, members and stakeholders.