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NIEM 4.1 Beta Now Available for Public Review and Comment

The NIEM Program is pleased to release NIEM 4.1 Beta1 for public review and comment. To ensure that the final NIEM 4.1 best meets users’ evolving needs, we are calling on the NIEM Community to review NIEM 4.1 Beta1 and share feedback by April 20, 2018.

NIEM 4.1 will be a minor release that incorporates content identified since NIEM 4.0 was released in July 2017. The NIEM release cycle allows us to make NIEM model updates on a predictable and sustainable schedule.

What’s in NIEM 4.1?

NIEM 4.1 incorporates (1) content changes to domains, and (2) a core supplement.

Domain Changes:

  • Existing domains updating their model content:
    • Biometrics
    • Emergency Management
    • Human Services
    • Justice
    • Military Operations

Core Supplement:

  • Core Supplement 4.0.1 provides bug fixes for Core content in a separate schema that can be used along with the existing Core 4.0 schema. Learn more about Core Supplements. The following core-related issues from the NIEM Releases GitHub issue tracker have been addressed in the Core Supplement:
    • Create a polygon node element of type nc:LocationType (issue #9)
    • nc:LocationHeightMeasureType should extend nc:LengthMeasureType instead of nc:MeasureType (issue #13)

Access NIEM 4.1 Beta1:

The model is available in both NIEM-conformant XSD and Microsoft Excel formats.

The full beta1 release package can be accessed on GitHub or by downloading the zip file package from the traditional site.


Please submit feedback by Friday, April 20, 2018.

Feedback may be submitted by either creating a new issue on GitHub or by emailing

When will NIEM 4.1 be Final?

We expect the final operational release of NIEM 4.1 in the summer 2018 timeframe. Please stay tuned for updates.

​​​​Helpful Hint: To see a list of changes that have been made from 4.0 to 4.1 Beta1, refer to the change log spreadsheet in the release package.

For those who use the Subset Schema Generation Tool (SSGT): If you are interested in testing, searching, or trying subsets, our staging server is up and running with 4.1 Beta1. Please note, the staging server may seem a bit slower than the production server as it does not have the same computing power.