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NBAC and NTAC come together

NIEM has two national committees, the NIEM Business Architecture Committee (NBAC) and the NIEM Technical Architecture Committee (NTAC). These committees came together for a collaborative meeting in Arlington, Virginia, from April 24-26. Over 50 representatives from federal, state, local, and international entities participated in NTAC and NBAC committee-specific break-out sessions as well as collective discussions.

The three-day meeting addressed key topics such as NIEM version 3.0, and the review and refresh of key NIEM program documents.

Outcomes included:

  • Resolution of several NIEM version 3.0 model issues.
  • Gathering of stakeholder input and consensus on updates to committee and program operations.
  • Identification of next steps for NIEM’s technical strategy.

Collaborative, effective committee meetings are instrumental to NIEM’s success. Thank you, NBAC and NTAC members, for your active participation and continued support!