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National Information Exchange Model Statistics Domain Kicks-off

The National Information Exchange Model (NIEM) Statistics Symposium occurred on Wednesday, February 19. This inaugural meeting was hosted by the U.S. Census Bureau, which has taken a leadership role in the development of the NIEM Statistical Domain.  

The symposium was the first step in bringing together those interested in establishing a NIEM Statistics Domain. The symposium focused on participation by key stakeholders within the U.S. Federal Statistical System’s member agencies and units. Future development efforts will encourage participation from those organizations with statistical activities and interests spanning measurement, information collection, statistical products, data management, and dissemination.

The Federal Data Strategy’s (FDS) 2020 Action Plan identifies NIEM as providing the necessary technology to improve interoperability and reusability. “We look forward to contributing to the FDS’s 2021 Action Plan through NIEM’s efforts in support of data interoperability at the exchange level,” said Ryan Schultz, NIEM Managing Director.

The NIEM Statistics Domain will play a vital role in supporting those organizations responsible for statistical activities. NIEM is an essential resource in ensuring the timely delivery of accurate and relevant statistical data for evidence-based decision-making for citizens, government, and the private sector.

About National Information Exchange Model

The National Information Exchange Model (NIEM) provides a model framework with rules and guidance designed to develop consistent and well-defined enterprise level information exchanges. For more than fourteen years, NIEM has successfully supported information communities of interest with a shared need to exchange data within the federal, state, local, tribal agencies, and the private sector. 

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