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JSON Guidance Documentation Now Available

Attention JSON developers, NIEM developers, data scientists, and anyone considering using NIEM for your next data exchange project: Guidance and documentation on adopting Javascript Object Notation (JSON) as a second standard format for representing data based on the NIEM data model is now available at Its a a whole new way to use NIEM!

Until recently, XML has been the single format for NIEM data. The JSON guidance provides you with a roadmap for using NIEM in a whole new way. We’ve created documentation that explains the purpose of NIEM, the reasons to use NIEM with JSON data, and key information for putting NIEM JSON into practice, including:

  • A NIEM JSON Tutorial
  • NIEM and JSON Frequently Asked Questions
  • A NIEM JSON Reference Guide

Plus…There’s More to Come

NIEM JSON is a work in progress. Initiatives currently in the works include:

  • Technical specifications defining NIEM JSON conformance targets to accompany the existing NIEM XML conformance targets are in development. The beta version of the NIEM JSON specification is anticipated to be ready for community review and feedback in May 2018.
  • Open source tools that will help developers switch between JSON and XML (and perhaps other serializations) by creating translators for runtime data and conversions for build-time artifacts are in the planning stages.

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