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Introducing Movement—an easier, simpler way to explore and use NIEM

The NIEM Program is excited to announce the release of Movement, a new open-source tool that makes it easier to access and interact with the NIEM model.

Inspired by your feedback, we created Movement to provide users with additional tooling to accelerate their NIEM implementations. The beta version of Movement is now available.

Learn more about Movement at

Movement Includes:

  • User-friendly interface to search model content
  • Simplified search and discovery powered by a business glossary
  • Smarter, more personalized search results that includes the ability to filter results, search by keyword and sort by relevance
  • Simplified capability to build JSON Schema to support information exchanges
  • Open-source code available via GitHub enabling users to propose or submit new functionality

Movement Helps NIEM Users Through:

  • Increased accessibility for discovery, development and implementation
  • Business-friendly descriptions for ease of understanding
  • Embracing of open-source methods and community participation

As a community, you inspired our Movement toward the future and its success depends on you. Please contribute, comment, and let us know how we can continue to improve.

How to Contribute:

Tool Developers

We have ideas for additional functionality we’d love to see get implemented in the tool.

NIEM has created an automated build pipeline to allow developers an easy way to modify and improve the tool—facilitating developers to build off the source code and submit their pull requests.

To access the open source code, see the JIRA board with backlog, and learn more about how to contribute, please visit

Tool Users:

We are interested in hearing your vision for future evolution of the tool as well as your general fedback on the capabilities. You can provide your feedback directly on GitHub by opening an issue or through contacting us on

Join the Movement

Movement is an exciting glimpse into the future of NIEM, and we can’t wait to see what the community accomplishes by using it. Join the movement today—visit to access the tool.