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IJIS Institute Recommends NIEM-UML for Information Exchange Projects

In July, the IJIS Institute Technical Advisory Committee (I-TAC) released a white paper recommending that organizations use the Unified Modeling Language (UML) profile for NIEM (NIEM-UML) for current and future information exchange projects. NIEM-UML is based on the Object Management Group’s (OMG) Model Driven Architecture (MDA) standards.

The I-TAC found that NIEM-UML:

1.Accurately represents NIEM

The I-TAC verified that NIEM-UML tools could translate existing NIEM XML-based models into UML and produce conformant NIEM XML artifacts from NIEM-UML models. 

2.Reduces the barrier to entry

The I-TAC found that NIEM-UML enables new users to more easily adopt and use NIEM by simplifying the data elements, their technical details, and the way they are subsetted and reused.

3.Reduces the time and cost of implementing information sharing solutions

By automatically producing conformant NIEM XML artifacts and shortening the learning curve for users, NIEM-UML decreases the development time for information exchange. This saves time and effort for developers and architects using NIEM.

Learn More

To read the NIEM-UML recommendation paper and the I-TAC’s findings, click here. To learn more about NIEM-UML, watch our webinar series.

Questions about NIEM-UML? Contact us!​