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Emergency Management Domain Briefs Big City Emergency Managers Association

Emergency Management Domain Briefs Big City Emergency Managers Association

On June 4, 2015, the NIEM Emergency Management (EM) Domain held an introductory NIEM briefing for Big City Emergency Managers (BCEM) Inc. members. Participants included BCEM representatives and members from metropolitan areas such as New York City and Chicago.

The briefing was led by NIEM EM Domain Program Manager, Kamran Atri, with support from the NIEM EM facilitator team. The presentation covered both business and technical elements of NIEM, including an overview of the organizational structure and various working groups, data model and IEPD basics, issues specific to the Emergency Management domain and overall benefits for state and local EM entities participation.

The EM domain supports emergency-related services (including preparing first responders and responding to disasters), information sharing, and activities such as homeland security and resource and communications management. For more information on the EM domain, please visit the EM domain community page.