Donna Roy Discusses NIEM's Growth on ABC7 News

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Today, we can track NIEM adoption across the majority of federal agencies, 50 states, and even internationally—and now, NIEM is gaining the attention of an even wider audience.

On February 17, ABC7/WJLA, the ABC affiliate for the greater Washington, DC, area, focused on NIEM during its “Government Matters” segment, stating, “In the highly scrutinized, and often-criticized, world of federal IT, NIEM is considered a great investment.”

Executive Director Donna Roy was featured on the segment to talk about NIEM’s growth. Roy explained how NIEM helps organizations and agencies exchange information, providing the City of Richmond as an example of how using NIEM can save time and money.

Roy also spoke about the Department of Defense’s involvement and the recent launch of NIEM 3.0, as well as the continued increase in adoption as we look to the future. Roy states, “We’re looking for more adoption internationally, and we’re looking for DOD to embrace the program and teach us how to use it in a more meaningful way.”

As the NIEM program grows and advances and our community expands and matures, we’re excited about opportunities like this to increase our visibility and get the word out about NIEM!