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Announcing the new IEPD/MEP Public Registry and Repository

The NIEM Management Office (NMO) has officially launched the first release of a Public IEPD/MEP Registry and Repository that allows users to register IEPD/MEP's and discover/re-use templates from other organizations/agencies. The initial rollout includes over 200+ IEPDs/MEPs and will continue to be actively updated as more IEPDs/MEPs are collected and published.

NIEM’s Managing Director is Mrs. Katherine Escobar (Deputy Division Chief, Data and Services Division, Cyber and Command, Control, Communications and Computers Integration (DD C5I), Joint Staff J6). Mrs. Escobar stated, “NMO’s priority is to promote NIEM’s adoption and growth. Supportive of this goal are our ongoing initiatives to develop a Registry and Repositories to assist in schema re-use, aligning appropriately, and by refreshing existing tools congruent with the NIEM lifecycle and forward-looking development, and a review and improvement of processes with a focus on becoming a standard and preparing for the future.”

A user can access the registry/repository and conduct a keyword search as well as filter by Community/Domain and NIEM Version. NMO will continue to extend the functionality of this resource to allow more search options as well as develop API calls to allow third-party developers to query the database for results in the future.

The NMO strongly encourages developers and organizations/agencies to submit their IEPD/MEP to foster community collaboration and promote re-use of these templates.

An example of a NIEM IEPD/MEP Registry and Repository entry.

Example of an entry on the Public IEPD/MEP Registry and Repository.

About NIEM

NIEM provides a model framework with rules and guidance designed to develop consistent, well-defined, enterprise level information exchanges. NIEM successfully supports communities of interest with a shared need to exchange data within federal, state, local, tribal, and territorial agencies, internationally, and in the private sector. To learn more, please visit