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AFEI Webinar Series Features NIEM DOD Adoption

On February 26, 2014, the Association for Enterprise Integration (AFEI) hosted the first webinar in a series about the Department of Defense’s adoption of NIEM. At the event, Donna Roy, Executive Director of NIEM and David DeVries, Deputy CIO for the Information Environment, teamed up to give an overview on the implementation process and to answer questions from the community.

Donna began with a brief introduction to NIEM, describing the program as a community-driven, standards-based approach to exchanging information. She also touched upon the Navy’s long standing participation in NIEM through the stewardship of the NIEM Maritime domain. She expressed hopes that the Maritime domain would continue to lead the community in innovative ways to use NIEM.

Next, David DeVries explained that the Department of Defense’s adoption of NIEM was driven by the need to collect information and share it between mission spaces, not just among DoD organizations but across the other Federal agencies, allied and coalition partners, as well as state and local governments. He noted that NIEM is not a silver bullet, but should be considered first when creating new exchanges.

Last, the webinar closed with an engaging question and answer session. When asked about the future of NIEM, Donna noted that it was up to the community to decide what NIEM should do next. She pointed out that one way for the community to provide input and guidance is through the Design Patterns initiative, an effort to identify existing capabilities that community members would like to better integrate with NIEM.

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