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2015 Best of NIEM Award Winners Announced at NASCIO Webinar

In January, the National Association of State Chief Information Officers (NASCIO) highlighted information sharing as one of their 2016 Advocacy Priorities. To address this priority, NASCIO and NIEM came together on April 12, 2016 for a webinar, “NASCIO & NIEM Working Together: Advancing Information Exchange Efforts Across All Levels of Government.” The webinar focused primarily on familiarizing the state and local audience with NIEM and how it can benefit their information exchange efforts. NIEM Executive Director Donna Roy also announced the Best of NIEM 2015 Award winners.

Two state and locally-focused projects were presented with Best of NIEM awards: Kansas Criminal Justice Information System (KCJIS) and Volusia County Florida Clerk of the Circuit Court’s Comprehensive Case Information System (CCIS 3.0). The winning NIEM implementations addressed complex information sharing challenges in the justice, public safety, and transportation mission spaces.

The Kansas Team sought to improve the efficiency of electronic disposition reporting for DUI offenses and cut the time for disposition processing from potentially over 6 years to just over 2 months. "The impact of NIEM adoption in Kansas has been dramatic and we are excited about the increasing quality of our data” said Joe Mandala, Kansas Bureau of Investigation (KBI) Chief Information Officer (CIO), as he accepted the award on behalf of the Kansas Team. “NIEM has been very useful to us and the 2,000 different partners associated with this project.”

Volusia County’s pilot standardized and centralized critical case information across 20 circuit courts and 67 clerks’ offices, enabling state and local agencies to effectively share, access, and query local court data and case files in real time. “NIEM’s value is in its ability to communicate data in a way that is standardized,” explained Tony Landry, Volusia County Florida Clerk of the Circuit Court Chief Information Officer. “We appreciate having [NIEM] available to help us move forward at a much quicker pace than we would have been able to otherwise.”

Donna Roy congratulated the winners, welcoming them to an “impressive group of award recipients” that make up the ‘Best of NIEM Hall of Fame’ from 2009 to present. “Each project has demonstrated specific, measurable results and a dedication to advancing and substantially improving the way NIEM is used for cross-boundary government business,” Donna explained while presenting the awards.

Also during the discussion, U.S. Department of Transportation Chief Technology Officer Maria Roat provided an overview of NIEM’s new Surface Transportation Domain and provided insights on how state and local government can reap the benefits of a common framework for information exchange. "Safety is DOT's number one priority," said Maria Roat. "We are looking forward to growing the surface transportation domain, focusing on information exchanges that are important to our state, local and tribal transportation and emergency medical services partners." The Surface Transportation Domain will be released as a part of NIEM version 3.2 in summer 2016.

To learn more about the Best of NIEM 2015 winning projects, click here.