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A release plan for NIEM 3.0 has been approved by the NIEM ESC

The NIEM Program Management Office (PMO) is pleased to announce that the NIEM Executive Steering Council (ESC) has approved the release plan for NIEM version 3.0. This will be a major release that addresses model harmonization, core refactoring, incorporation of domain updates, and other architectural enhancements. At present we are anticipating that all release activities can be conducted over a 13 month period, with a tentative delivery of NIEM 3.0 in Fall 2013.

NIEM was built to be governed by the community and to respond to their business requirements. NIEM 3.0 will address community identified needs to date.

The NIEM PMO will be coordinating a kick-off meeting within the next month to finalize the timeline as well as build the 3.0 momentum! More details will be provided after the kick-off meeting occurs.

A few of the most likely initial questions have been addressed below. If you have additional questions, please send them via email to with “NIEM 3.0 Question" in the subject line.

NIEM version 3.0 FAQs:

  • What is a NIEM release?

    A NIEM release represents a stable, harmonized, and production-ready data model, updated specifications, and potentially enhanced tools. NIEM supports a range of release types that are described in the NIEM High Level Versioning Architecture (HLVA) and categorized by the following release types: Micro, Minor, and Major. NIEM 3.0 will be a major release, building on the current active release NIEM version 2.1. For more information on the HLVA please refer to

  • When is development of NIEM 3.0 expected to begin?

    The official NIEM 3.0 kick-off is expected to occur in late August or early September. The NIEM PMO is working with partners to finalize a kick-off date based on availability. 

  • What will be changing in the NIEM 3.0 Release?

    This new release of NIEM is being driven by community requirements to support information exchange. These requirements include model harmonization at both the core and domain level, refactoring of the core to remove and/or add content, incorporation of domain updates as driven by the communities of interest that govern them, and other architectural enhancements such as potential changes in the way NIEM manages code lists. The NIEM PMO will be creating a dedicated webpage that will contain detailed information on the timeline and scope of the 3.0 release.  The webpage will be available shortly following the NIEM 3.0 kick-off meeting.


  • What is harmonization?

    In NIEM governance, harmonization often refers to the process of examining the model to ensure that a given data element exists only once, and that precise, unambiguous definitions are provided such that those elements are reusable across other domains.

  • What does a NIEM 3.0 mean for my existing exchanges?

    If you have existing exchanges planned or in operation, no additional action is necessary. NIEM 3.0, once completed, should be the foundation for development of future exchanges, depending on the particular technical requirements of the exchange.

  • Will NIEM community members be able to provide input into 3.0 requirements and/or be able to participate in a public review of 3.0?

    NIEM community members interested in participating in the 3.0 development process should contact their domain steward to learn if there are any opportunities to participate on NIEM Business Architecture Committee (NBAC) review teams. Members not yet connected to a specific domain can send an email to with “NIEM 3.0 Question" in the subject line and the NIEM PMO will assist you. In addition, all stakeholders are encouraged to participate in the 3.0 beta and release candidate public reviews. A timeline for such reviews will be provided on the dedicated 3.0 webpage shortly after the kick-off occurs.

  • Will the new NIEM-UML Profile be aligned to NIEM 3.0?

    Yes, the NIEM-UML Profile will be updated to align to 3.0. The NIEM PMO also plans to support requests by current and prospective NIEM-UML tool vendors to incorporate NIEM 3.0 capabilities into their services.

  • How will information be distributed to the NIEM community regarding status of activities, timeline updates, scope definition and milestone achievement? will be your central resource for all NIEM 3.0 information. NIEM community members can also expect to see frequent emails regarding current status and future needs for community involvement as Beta and Release Candidate reviews are scheduled.

  • When will NIEM 3.0 be available for implementation?

    The release date is tentatively scheduled for Fall 2013, potentially as early as October; however this is subject to change. Please visit periodically for updates to the schedule.

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