• Identify the scope of the domain such as the purpose and associated cases (or scenarios) where a NIEM domain would provide value.
  • Assess potential data model overlap with existing NIEM model content.
  • Identify domain leadership, including key resources to help domain governance.
  • Use the Domain Business Need Template to draft the domain’s benefit to new and existing communities.
  • Submit the draft Domain Business Need Template to Upon receipt, the NIEM Program Management Office (PMO) and the NIEM Business Architecture Committee (NBAC) co-chairs will follow-up with the submitter.

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Step 1: Gather model requirements

  • Gather existing and planned business requirements that form domain model content.
  • Gain a solid understanding of the business process, including the identification of any existing information exchanges and data model content that could be used to form the scope of the data model.
  • Optional: Review the current model content to ensure that the domain data model content will harmonize with existing NIEM model content.

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Step 2: Identify community stakeholders

  • Identify organizations relevant to the domain.
  • Contact stakeholders to notify them of the effort to establish a domain and encourage participation.
  • Optional:
    • Develop stakeholder engagement plans to encourage domain participation.
    • Develop content for a community page —a channel for domain communication and outreach.

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Step 3: Define governance

  • Determine the appropriate organization to steward the domain and provide resources and guidance for domain operations.
  • Draft a domain charter that outlines roles and responsibilities.
  • Collaborate with the NIEM Program Management Office (PMO) to draft a Domain Stewardship Agreement (DSA).
  • Optional: Develop a domain operations and maintenance plan that outlines how and when a domain makes updates to its data model.

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In the final phase of the Domain Onboarding Process, all efforts from the previous two phases are presented and voted upon by the NIEM Business Architecture Committee  (NBAC) and the Executive Steering Council (ESC).

The steps to finalize a domain include:

  • Finalizing the Domain Business Need.
  • Finalizing the Domain Charter.
  • Finalizing the Domain Stewardship Agreement (DSA).
  • Submitting all three documents noted above to the NBAC co-chairs for a vote to formally establish the NIEM domain.
  • After receiving NBAC approval, the NBAC submits a request to the ESC for concurrence.
  • Once the ESC concurs, the DSA is signed by the NIEM Program Management Office (PMO).
  • Submitting final web content for a community page.

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