Department of Justice Grants

The DOJ Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) applies special conditions to all relevant information sharing and technology grant awards. These awards require the use of NIEM specifications and guidelines to support public safety and justice information sharing. Conditions like these serve to improve cross-governmental coordination and interoperability.

 Review the Conformance Specification for more information on defining NIEM conformance.

Department of Homeland Security Grants

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) grant recipients may be able to use FEMA-funded awards for NIEM-based information sharing, exchange, and interoperability activities. FEMA grant recipients are encouraged to participate in the NIEM Emergency Management domain, which supports emergency-related services and activities, such as homeland security, preparing and responding to disasters, first responders, and resource and communication management.

The NIEM Homeland Security Grant Program (HSGP) guidance outlines the many ways in which an organization can use grant funds for NIEM, including but not limited to training and travel, communications and governance, planning an exchange development, and purchase of software/tools to ease development.

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